POTS Support Denver

Live in Denver and have POTS? You aren’t alone! We have a growing group of support and fundraising in Denver! Keep an eye on this page or email for more details.

Email me at emily.coday@gmail.com to be added to the mailing list for Denver support and fundraising.

Quiz for a Cause 2016


Just a few of the 70+ people who showed up.

In October 2016, I hosted a Quiz for a Cause to proceed Dysautonomia International. We raised $775 and had a great time!

2 thoughts on “POTS Support Denver

  1. This is wonderful!!!!! My friend with POTS lives in Houston. She is suffering alone and in silence. There is only 1 doctor there qualified to treat her, but this doctor does not treat her well. I’ve encouraged her to move to Denver for more treatment and support. Thank you so much for rallying together and to help her not feel so alone! You all are amazing super heros!!!!!! Such an inspiration! Not sure if you can provide me and/or her with more info on POTS doctors and the community here in Denver? If so, please respond to me and I will forward all info to her. She is stunning and remarkable, strong and smart and kind, and she desperately wants to be part of a community that understands, and she wants to be involved in creating awareness. Please let me know if you can help provide some resources. Thank you so much for joining together to help others!!!


    • The best POTS doctor in the area is Dr. Schofield. Unfortunately, there is a long waiting list so have her call ASAP. I am setting up a POTS support group/meeting- email me for more details. I am always looking for other POTSie friends in Denver.


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